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Heeled sandals from SHOE THE BEAR

Breathable, comfortable, and useful - the definition of heeled sandals. Heels look elegant, they give you a great posture and make your legs look endless! Find our heeled sandals i a number of timeless colors, unique details, and in 100% beautiful suede or velour. Spice up your everyday look with heels or use them for special occasions. There's nothing like a pair of heeled sandals that can make your look change expression completely. Accentuate your feminine side and make everything from the cocktail dress to denim jeans appear elegant, chik, and sophisticated. Put your feet in the spotlight with heeled sandals. Heels can elevate any look - choose heeled sandals, heeled boots, or heeled booties. With our unique, minimalist, and timeless design, we are certain that there are one or more heeled shoes that fit your personal expression perfectly.


Shaft sandals for women – a multitude of options for heels

May is our popular heeled sandal, a classic and feminine sandal with a thick heel in either 100% suede or velour that can be worn as a beautiful twist to your look. Find it in many colours, both neutrals and the more lively that can match most looks. You can find the popular May Cross sandal in our AW19 collection in both black and purple, and in green snake print. You can also find Pennie with its 70s retro silhouette. Because of its chunky platform sole the sandal is very comfortable to wear all day long. Style Pennie with everything from cropped denim to floral mini dresses. We also have Hayden Slingback– a sandal for you who wants to create a stylish and sophisticated look. A very versatile sandal that can be used all year around.


What all our sandals have in commons is that they are all made with a focus on comfort, design, and quality.

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