Sneakers All Day Every Day

Sneakers All Day Every Day

Dressy sneakers have been racing up the list of “must haves” for a few years now, and the trend continues to grow.

Sneakers are wearable for many occasions and can be the final touch in creating a complete and stylish look. They have moved from the sports side to the stylish side and are made in all sorts of shapes and colors.

To mark ourselves in the world of sneakers, we have designs that truly fits the SHOE THE BEAR universe, which is the minimalistic yet detailed look.

The sneakers from our SS18 collection has already dropped, here you will find our interpretation of the ultimate classic leather sneaker, Dean. Dean will fit into your everyday wardrobe and for festive occasions. While the focus is on the minimalistic design, we have made no compromises in comfort, so you’ll be able to wear these sneakers for hours.

A similar version of Dean is called Adam. Adam is a slip-in sneaker with a subtle back strap and contract logo patch on the sole. Both sneakers come in white and black colorways.

* Foot length measured in CM